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Global Experience, Locally Available

Making Space Consulting

What is Making Space?

Sometimes you can’t make things happen, you have to let them happen. Sometimes you have to clear the weeds, plant the seed, and then walk away and let the flower grow. Pro-bono service from Making Space Consulting helps your charity, church, civic group, or not-for-profit see where you need to make space for your people to use their own initiative. Then we work with you to plan and design a series of facilitated workshops and learning events that clear out the barriers to the change you want, give your people the skills and understanding they need to make change happen, and create the climate where change can grow.

Making Space for Collaboration

The key to making important change, to growing the capability of your organization, is the fundamental principle of action research: the people in your organization must agree to work together to understand the situation, formulate actions, carry them out, evaluate them, and change them if they’re not working. Facilitators from Making Space Consulting lead your people through many kinds of collaborative workshops, including visioning, planning, problem solving, and decision making. see Teams

Integrated Programs

Our learning events and facilitated workshops add significant value by themselves. But they work best when combined into a cohesive change program. The same values, practices, and models are the basis of all the learning events, and underlie the practice of facilitation of the workshops. Your people will begin to develop a shared mental picture of the collaborative, high-performance work place.