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Making Space Consulting

Articles by Making Space Consulting

The attached articles are free for the downloading. Please feel free to use them, but please attribute them to the listed author and/or the organization for which they were prepared.

DOWN LOAD AND USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! My virus checker said they were clean when I uploaded them, but no warranty of the safety of these files is made. Also make careful note of the date of original publication: while the underlying principles in these documents are timeless, some of the specific information may be out of date.

If any of the information in these articles piques your interest or makes you ask questions, please feel free to contact us.

FACILITATION 101. This article is the basis for one of the most popular courses ever taught at an annual convention of the International Association of Facilitators, and was formerly the #7 hit on a Google search on "Facilitation." A classic.

Facilitation 101.pdf (PDF — 44 KB

WRITE IT DOWN AND HANG IT ON THE WALL. A short treatise on 10 basic practices of facilitation, all about use of the group memory. Voted #1 post on the topic of Faciliation Basics by the subscribers to the Group Facilitation email forum.

write it down.doc (DOC — 22 KB)

BEING YOUR OWN BEST INTERVENTION. As a faciliatator, your best tool is your Self. Learn how to work at becoming your own best intervention.

Bestintervention.doc (DOC — 42 KB)

FACILITATION FOR HIGH-PERFORMANCE TEAMS. Bringing a true team into being takes a performance challenge, the right mix of skills, and the right approach. Maybe you need a facilitator to help you through the process.

HiPerfTeams.DOC (DOC — 50 KB)

THE NEUTRAL ZONE OR THE SWAMP? In a transition, you have to spend some time in an in-between place, finding out where you are and who you are now that the landscape has changed. How you name that place may determine how successful you are at the work of transition.

ANSWERS TO THE MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT BUSINESS PROCESS REENGINEERING. Business Process Reengineering was going to save the world in the 1990s. If more people had understood BPR, it might actually have done it...


MANANGING REENGINEERING POLARITIES: People and Technology, Process and System. More information on BPR, building on Barry Johnson's work in Polarities, this article was prepared for the DOD Software technology conference.

ReengPolarities.DOC (DOC — 91 KB)

WHAT IS TQM? Isn't TQM the same as BPR? Well, no ... and yes.

What is TQM.doc (DOC — 51 KB)

JUMP-STARTING A QUALITY PROGRAM WITH A SELF ASSESSMENT. Whatever kind of management initiative you are contemplating, you can't start the journey without knowing where you are.


PEACEKEEPING AND COYOTE LISTENING What I learned from Hosteen Curly about listening, paradox, and consensus

THE MYTHICAL MANAGER. Prepared for an English lit class on mythmaking, this paper looks at how cultural myths from Horatio Alger's Ragged Dick to David Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross build a culture of independence and individual merit and how that culture makes it difficult to implement management approaches that are based on teamwork and taking mutual responsibility for one another's success.

Mythical manager.doc (DOC — 51 KB)