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Making Space Consulting

What are Change Programs?

Many organizations embark on change processes, either major or minor, that never yield the desired results. They may change the structures, procedures, processes, and even the policies. But things never seem to really change.


Any change is about transformation. If you change technical systems to achieve efficiency, the gains probably won’t equal the cost of making the change. Only when you transform ways of doing work, transform what it means to add value, do you achieve the effectiveness gains that pay for the effort ti takes to make the change. Making Space Consulting can review your change goals and help you determine if your change program is big enough to get you the results you want.

Multiple Dimensions of Change

Change has many aspects. Change has to occur in both the technical and the social – the hard and the soft – arenas.

  • Technical dimensions of change include organizational structure, policies and procedures, and automated systems.
  • Social dimensions include people, management, and formal and informal relationships.

Making Space Consulting can help you review your change program to make sure all dimensions are getting the proper attention.

The People Dimension

People have to be involved in the change. If the people don’t make the change, the change doesn’t happen. Decisions that Making Space Consulting can help you make in the people dimension include:

  • Who to include in defining, designing, implementing, and testing the change
  • How to communicate progress to everyone else
  • When and how to add people until everyone is part of the change team
  • How to help people through Transition - the human side of change

The Management Dimension

  • The quickest way to kill off something new is for managers and administrators to keep doing what they always did.
  • Teams won’t grow if all rewards go to individuals
  • New reporting structures and policies won’t work if managers won’t listen
  • Empowerment programs will die if managers continue to micromanage

Making Space Consulting can help with management development programs that help managers re-conceive their role and how they contribute to the organization.