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Global Experience, Locally Available

Making Space Consulting

Management Consulting Services

Often a manager, executive director, or owner of a small business or non-governmental organization (NGO) will have a vague sense that there are some issues to be addressed or places where change is needed, but not know exactly how to start. Making Space Consultants will help you get started.

The Typical Engagement

No two organizations are ever the same, and no consulting engagement is ever really “typical,” but this is a way that it might go.

Initial Consult

At the first meeting, a consultant from Making Space Consulting will spend up to an hour discussing issues, concerns, and constraints faced by your organization. We will explore together your needs for training, problem solving, creative idea development, decision making, and management consulting. This first meeting is gratis and you incur no obligation.

Management Consulting

The initial consult may turn up an obvious need for a learning event or a facilitated workshop. When the problem is deeper or the required change is more extensive, or the goal for improvement is more ambitious, management consulting will form the basis of the engagement. We will work together to determine a high-level approach and how to involve stakeholders in both planning and implementing a change strategy. Ongoing management consulting will be available throughout the change process.


The first step is communicating the approach with stakeholders. A key value in making space is that nothing is done in secret or kept quiet until “we’re ready.” Making Space Consulting will help you devise and implement a communications strategy so everyone knows what’s coming, what the objectives are, and what their role will be.

Facilitated Sessions

Even for predominantly learning events, involvement of the stakeholders will mean that there will be facilitated design sessions for the event. Other kinds of facilitated workshops include creative idea generation, problem solving, decision making, visioning, and strategic planning.

Learning Events

Learning events can stand alone, or can help people from all levels of the organization develop the knowledge and skills needed for a larger change effort. See Learning Events for some of the typical topics for learning events.

Integrated Change Programs

Our learning events and facilitated sessions work best when combined into a cohesive change program. The goal is for everyone to develop a shared mental picture of the collaborative, high-performance work place. Learning events, visioning, and sessions around specific issues or supporting particular teams or projects will all work together to transform the organization.

Action Research

One possible approach to an integrated change program is to enlist key people in the organization into a full action research effort. See What is Action Research? for an explanation of this approach.