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Making Space Consulting

Making Space for Teams and Collaborative Work

Teams each have their own individual styles and cultures based on who is on them, what their challenge is, and the type of work that needs to be done. You cannot create teams from the outside. You can provide opportunities to learn about teams, chances to develop the skills that teams need, and the kind of performance challenges that require truly collaborative work. Then you clear away the organizational barriers to teams and let them happen. Making Space Consulting can help with every aspect of this effort.

Mentoring Relationships, Networking and Communities of Practice are tricky things. You can’t create them. But you can create a climate for people to cooperate, share information, and help one another. You can provide spaces – physically, temporally, and psychologically – for people to meet and work together. You can crate a cllimate where

  • Natural networkers can provide valuable communcations and resource sharing
  • People who care about each other’s development can support each other
  • People who share commone interests can work together to create their vision

Let Making Space Consulting help you through this process.