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Making Space Consulting

Do your changes POP! orfizzle ?

  • Do you get what you want from change, or do you just get headaches and heartaches?

  • Does it seem like the more you try to fix things, the worse they get?

People often get in the way of change. When things change, people have to change, too. If they don’t handle change well, if they are not supported in doing it well, performance suffers.

What is a Transition?

Transition is the people side of change. Change means something new is starting and something old is ending: even good changes result in the loss of something. People in transition start with acknowledging this ending and grieving its losses. They then move through a middle time (called the “neutral zone”) when they work out who they are and who they aren’t; what to hold on to and what to let go of; and what they have to learn and unlearn to be ready to start something new.

Performance always goes down initially with a change. Managing how people deal with transition can reduce the time it takes to get to new performance levels, decrease the depth of the dip, and increase the level of new performance.

Making Space Consulting can help you make the space for your people to navigate the neutral zone at the right pace to provide the quickest climb up the performance curve. Making Space Consulting offers four workshops to help organizations and people through the transition that accompanies major change, and consulting services to help you apply the learnings and navigate the change.

Managing Organizational Transition*

Change is usually designed to improve capability and productivity. However, if the people side, the transition, is not addressed, it can compromise the gains to be made from the change. In this workshop, your managers and leaders learn the skills to successfully lead and maneuver through transitions with less disruption, less distress, and sustained productivity in the face of change.

Individual Transition in Organizations*

Once your managers and leaders know how to make space for people to handle transition, the people themselves need to learn how to deal with endings, make the most of the creative possibilities of the neutral zone, and embrace new beginnings. In this workshop, individuals in your organization learn how to handle internal transition caused by change with less disruption and distress to their work lives.

Personal Transition Workshop

Some people are left behind by organizational change. While their transition no longer affects the organization directly, it affects their lives even more deeply than those of their colleagues who are still in the organization. In this workshop, people who no longer have a position with your organization help one another to understand what they’re feeling; to find the value and opportunity of being in transition; to place their experience in context by sharing it with others and relating it to their experience; to build a network of resources for external and internal transitions; and to create strategies for endings, neutral zones, and beginnings.

Introduction to Transitions

If some of this sounds intriguing, but you want more information, and want to bring your colleagues along in understanding what the Transition model can do for you, Making Space offers a short, hands-on workshop that gets you working with the concepts, phases, and strategies that get people through transition.

*Workshop designed and licensed by William Bridges and Associates/Linkage, Inc.